Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification”

(Romans 4:25).


It is mind blowing to know that our sins are forgiven. It’s a huge fact to conceive. If God hadn’t taken the initiative, how would we have been free? Right standing with God is something no human would have been able to earn. Yet, God doesn’t merely call us forgiven, He calls us justified!

There is a big difference. One who is forgiven was first guilty as charged, but pardoned, but one who is justified is declared ‘not guilty.’ He was tried and not found wanting! How can this be? Man was guilty but forgiven because Jesus died. But justification is an even bigger deal. How does justification come into the picture?

The text above has the answer. Jesus was crucified for our offences, and raised again for our justification. When He was raised to life, we were raised with Him as new creatures. The ‘old self’ who committed the sin was guilty, forgiven and done away with. The new man never sinned. He is new. He is justified.

You have a clean slate. Your past has been erased in God’s book. This is the grace of God. Halleluyah!



I’m freely justified by grace! I am not guilty, I am not condemned. I am righteous in Christ, I am free. Halleluyah.