“(Love) does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth”

(1Co 13:6).

Imagine that your best friend was about to go out on a date with a married man. If you are aware of this, wouldn’t you tell her? Would you keep quiet simply because you don’t want to hurt her feelings? Or would you tell her the truth. That question is a no-brainer. As a true friend, you would be more interested in the long lasting consequences of her short term actions rather than the immediate hurt the truth could cost her. That brings us to a very important lesson; Love is never at variance with truth.


When the truth hurts, refusing to tell it is not love. It’s the opposite. The gospel of Jesus is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes. When you don’t tell people about Jesus, you rob them of the only power they have to be saved. No one can know that Jesus died for their sins simply by watching your life. You have to tell them.


So what do you do when the most flawless approach to preaching Christ still gets people angry? How do you walk in love? Do you literally let them ‘Rest In Peace?’ No. That is not love.


It is therefore ironic that a true love walk may stir up great hatred. The same goes for standing up against false doctrine. We can’t just be silent pretending to walk in love. The souls of people are at stake. So what do you do about people who are eager to do the will of God but are plagued by wrong teachings? They must hear the truth to be free. If you preach the truth, you’d step on toes.

What’s the balance? We follow Jesus’ example. If only he “walked in love” the way we do today, he would never have been killed. We see him vocal against false doctrine; referring to the peddlers of such as a brood of vipers. We him pursue the money changers from the temple, telling people what they needed to hear even when they did not want to hear it.


Perfect love is not controlled by fear, it casts out fear. If people’s souls really depend on that information for salvation, they are worth the trouble. Speak up in love today.