When many Christians hear the term ‘diligence’, they relegate it to the background as mere motivational speech. However, diligence is beyond mere motivation; it is crucial for your spiritual growth. In other places, it is interpreted as ‘fervency’ or ‘earnestness.’

It is a very important spiritual subject because if you are not diligent, you cannot grow spiritually. It takes diligence to get up early and pray, and to be devoted to the study of the word of God. You can’t attain any level of spiritual growth by being lazy; you’ve got to be intentional about it.

Paul saw it that way. In today’s text, he tells the Philippian church that he would continue with them for their progress and joy in the faith. Just like Paul was to the Ephesian church, your pastor is a spiritual coach; his job is to continue with you in ensuring that you grow spiritually.

However, diligence is needed on your part. You need to allow the study of God’s word consume you, if your profiting will appear to all. When you’re preparing for an exam, you don’t simply go and sleep because you feel tired. No. You put your legs in water if need be just so you can stay awake. If you have a job interview coming up, you don’t spend all your time watching television because you’re bored.

You need to apply that same level of discipline, even greater, to the things of God. Your relationship with God is much more important than employment or education; it has eternal relevance. Don’t be lazy about it.