“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life”.

Prov. 4:23


Perhaps you are having issues in your relationship, work, studies and spiritual life, it might be easy to conclude that these issues are caused by different things, but it’s likely that it’s just one thing – you have not been guarding your heart.

The bible encourages us to diligently guard our hearts because the state of our hearts affects every aspect of our lives. What you let come into your heart is what you’re eventually going to exhibit. In fact, regardless of what you want to do, your actions would always be determined by the things you see and hear consistently.

If you’re used to watching violent movies with lots of curse words, don’t be surprised that when you’re driving and another driver upsets you, you’ll respond just like they do in the movies. If you let sexual thoughts dwell in your head, you have already lost the battle before the actual temptation shows up.

This is why you need to watch the kind of music you listen to. Instead of worrying about whether or not secular music is a sin, focus on edifying yourself. Don’t let stuff that can’t be preached to you be sung to you. Don’t let words that you’d never confess to yourself become a part of your playlist.

If you don’t diligently guard your heart, the negative stuff you let in will effortlessly become part of your life.