“The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]”

(James 5:16b AMP).


The believer in Christ must know, on one hand, what is his in the Lord, and on the other, how to appropriate those rights and privileges in his daily life. Prayer bridges what may appear to be a gap between the two. When we pray, expression is given to who we are and what we have in the Lord. When we pray, we stir up operative power. A man given to prayers will see miracles repeatedly.

Prayer “…makes tremendous power available.” That potent ability you had since the day you received the Holy Ghost can be stirred ever so often. Prayer is the key. Just like fervency describes (in Physics), heat energy generated when water is boiled, fervent prayer describes spiritual power or energy stirred when we pray.

Each time you pray, be conscious of this fact. Power is being stirred. Halleluyah! You see, most times, it can be felt. You have to learn to pay attention to it. You have to learn to use it. Learn to say: “As I pray now, power is stirred, from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet. I’m full of power. I feel it my hands. When I lay hands on the sick they recover. I cast out devils. I’m full of power.” Glory to God! Walk in that consciousness today.