Concentration in Prayer


“Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;”

(Rom 12:11).

Have you ever been praying, only to pick up a call and tell the person on the other end of the line to call you back? My question to you would be, what where doing with the phone in the first place? Checking for a text message from God?  Whether you admit it or not, your prayer time is more effective when you’re focused.

Today’s text calls for concentration in the place of prayer. We see our Master Jesus exert focus and emotion in the place of prayer. That is something to emulate.   You must structure your prayer life in a way that limits distractions. Pick a time when you can focus, pick a place where you will not be distracted, pick a posture that will make sleeping impossible and keep your devices offline or far from you.

Take another look at Elijah’s posture in 1 Kings 18:42. You’d see that he put his face between his knees, a good posture for a person who didn’t want any form of distraction. That is something to learn from.

Concentration should not just be limited to physical factors alone. You need to still your mind. God isn’t impressed by you babbling big words that aren’t connecting with your heart. When you’re talking with friends, you thoughtfully put your words together, and you don’t run out of words to say. So why should that be the case with your heavenly father? When you’re praying in your understanding, be conscious of the fact that the person you are praying to actually hears you.

Sometimes, people switch to tongues because they have run out of words to say and their minds are wandering. That should not be the case with you. Even when you’re praying in tongues, fix your heart on God. As you focus in the place of prayer, the Holy Ghost would give you interpretations. Fix your heart on God’s word as you pray. Have a pen and paper beside you so you write down all that God is saying to you.