God or the Doctor?


Isaiah had said to Hezekiah’s servants, “Make an ointment from figs and spread it over the boil, and Hezekiah will recover”
(Isaiah 38:21).


Choosing to take drugs is not a sign of unbelief or lack of trust in God. You shouldn’t feel that you have to choose between God and medicine.


Here are two reasons why. First of all, without God, medicine will not work. In 2 Chronicles 16:7, we see the story of King Asa who fell ill after he stopped trusting in God. Even with his visits to physicians and medicines, the illness still wasn’t cured.


There is a way you can use medicine and your trust is not placed in it, instead it is God first and foremost. Using medicine does not nullify of your faith walk. In actual fact, healing can sometimes be a combination of the supernatural and medicine. In Isaiah 38, we see the story of King Hezekiah who was very sick.

After he prayed to the Lord, in verse 21, Isaiah instructed that a lump of figs be placed on the boil, after which Hezekiah recovered.


In all truth, using medicine does not contradict the will of God. If you need to, please take medication, but always trust God.