“…but say in a word, and my servant shall be healed”. Luke 7:7

Today’s text is about the Centurion who trusted in Jesus for his sick servant to be healed. When Jesus offered to come pray for the servant who was at His House, the Centurion responded with the text above. What makes this man’s faith remarkable? It is the fact that it was conclusive. He said: “But say the word AND my servant will be healed”. He wasn’t going to try God to see if this healing business is the real deal. He had predetermined the outcome. O that we will dare to trust God this way.

What’s more? He believed Jesus didn’t have to come. He knew all he had to do was talk. Words can be sent on errands. What an amazing confidence to have in the word of God. Now we have the spirit of God living in us. We must have faith in the ability we carry. Learn to trust the words as you declare them in prayers. Send words!

This morning, you can effect the lives of your loved ones both far and near. Send words! Send words of healing. Send words of favour. See your words reaching farther quarters than you can reach. Speak words of power today.


Pray for friends and loved ones this morning, for favour, prosperity and healing to be their testimony today.