“Convinced of this, I know that I shall abide, and continue with you all for your furtherance and joy of faith” Philippians 1:25.

Going to Church should never be for the sake of it. It is ignorant of anyone to merely go to church to appease the guilty conscience he might have if he didn’t. Going to church is a means to an end. It won’t matter that you went if the purpose of your going is not achieved.

Paul tells his congregation that he will continue with them, in teaching and discipleship for their furtherance in the faith. Another translation uses progress in place of furtherance. Meaning the more I show up in church, the more progress in my understanding of the word of God should be discerned.

You should be in church today. But more importantly, you should be in a church where you actually get to learn something. Thank God for beautiful worship centers and sophisticate music teams but what matters most is the word of God being shared there.

When choosing what school to attend, you didn’t settle for the one closest to your house. You shouldn’t have that approach to picking the right church either.  It is my earnest desire that you fellowship with the brethren today. But much more, that you fellowship in the right place. Amen!

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