1 Corinthians 14:1 KJV

Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts , but rather that ye may prophesy.
The issue of spiritual gifts is one that many still argue about till today. Some people will shy away from it for several reasons but it all comes down to the fact that they weren’t properly taught. Infact from our opening text, the Bible expressly tells us to desire spiritual gifts.
In Verses 4-8 of chapter 12 of the same book, there are 3 synonyms we can get from there. First is, spiritual gifts are administrations of the Spirit, second is they are operations of the spirit and last is they are manifestations of the spirit.

Spiritual gifts are not possessions but are actions. What we have is the Holy Spirit that can administer or operate through us in different ways.
From verses 8-10 of the same chapter, Paul begins to list the gifts but more importantly emphasize on the fact that it is from the same spirit.
In Acts 2, the apostles and other believers in the upper room had just received the Holy Ghost and then in Acts 3 Peter is already performing miracles. It was not recorded that any impactation happened so all he had was the Holy Spirit. This goes on to buttress what Paul said in 1 Corinthians 12:4-8.
As you have received the Holy Ghost, you can distribute spiritual gifts.
Prayer: As we step out today, we recognize the indwelling if the Holy Spirit and administer spiritual gifts. We are not shy to heal and to work all kinds of miracles