“…I love Your commandments More than gold, yes, than fine gold!”
Psalms 119:127 NKJV

Welcome to Bible Reading Plan Recap – that time we do a quick summary of what we read in the Bible this week. It’s the 22nd week of our daily Bible reading plan.

This week, we began reading new books of the Bible. They are as follows: Luke, Ephesians and 1 Kings.

1 Kings continues with the story of David and the other kings of Israel. It begins on a joyful note as his son, Solomon, becomes king. Everything seems to be fine for a while as Solomon builds the temple and Israel is more prosperous than the heathen nations at that time.

However, things began to go downhill as Solomon’s heart was turned after other gods. By the time his son, Rehoboam became king, idolatry had once again taken root in Israel. Before long, Israel was divided once again into two and the narrative of the success of their kings depended on whether they served God or other gods. 1 Kings 1-8, the chapters we read this week cover the beginning of Solomon’s kingship.

We read from Psalm 119:1-40. Psalm 119 is an instructive compilation of poetry and meditations that praise the excellencies of the word of God.

We began reading the book of Luke this week. It’s one of the Synoptic Gospels. Written by a doctor, this book is a thorough explanation of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Judging by the details in the book, it’s obvious the writer sets out to present a perfect explanation for the life and times of Christ. Luke 1:1-80 covers the events and prophecies before the birth of Jesus Christ as well as the birth of John the Baptist.

Finally, we read from the book of Ephesians. This is a letter written by Paul to a Gentile church in Ephesus. In this letter, he provides an explanation of the new realities of the man in Christ, the role of ministry gifts, the conduct of the believer, to mention a few.

Ephesians 1-3, which we read this week explains the spiritual blessings in Christ, and every believer’s collective identity in Christ (whether Jew and Gentile).

That’s all we read this week. Hopefully, you are up to date. If not, do well to catch up. Have a blessed weekend.

Bible Reading Plan:
Luke 2:1-20, Ephesians 3:14-21, Psalm 119:41-48, 1 Kings 9-10.