“…incline your ear to wisdom, and apply your heart to understanding”
Proverbs 2:2 NKJV

The many things in our lives that look chaotic can be sorted with order. Perhaps, you just need structure and order to have some joy in your life.

Yesterday, we established that staying joyful regardless of circumstances is possible. However, we recognised that structures can also be put up to ensure a constant atmosphere of joy. In other words, we can live a joyful life by design.

But how do we go about this? By wisdom! In fact, it is wisdom to see chaos and face it headlong rather than bury one’s head in the sand. And with wisdom, comes order.

Order is the accurate arrangement of things. It asks questions like, “What should come first?” “What’s the best way to go about this?” Budgeting, for example, is necessary to maintain financial order. Rather than spending all your money in one place, and crying “mea culpa” later, why don’t you budget?

With order comes planning. Do you know walking in the Spirit does not negate planning. Like God will not be angry with you if you choose to plan? When He asks you to do something, put plans in place. Planning is actually an act of faith; It does not excuse your faith, it helps it. (Proverbs 16:9)

We are not the “que sera sera” sort. We know by the Spirit, and plan by the Spirit. By the Spirit, we can plan for the future. By the Spirit, we can count the cost of every endeavour and prepare accordingly.

With these tips, we can live a joyful life by design even as our eyes remain fixed on Christ.

Bible Reading Plan:
Luke 20:9-19, Philemon 1-11, Proverbs 17:1-14, Esther 7-8