“Consider it a great joy, my brothers, whenever you experience various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.”
James 1:2‭-‬3 HCSB

Welcome to Bible Reading Plan Recap – that time we do a quick summary of what we read in the Bible this week. It’s the 40th week of our daily Bible reading plan.

We read from John 1-3, James 2-5, Ecclesiastes 3-7, and Jeremiah 10-25.

In Ecclesiastes 3-7, the preacher admonished us that everything has its time; toiling for selfish purposes is like chasing the wind; the value of friendship; keeping one’s vow to God; the value of practical wisdom, amongst other things.

Jeremiah 10-25, on the other hand, continues with prophecies and warnings against the people of Israel, how they are to keep themselves from idols or will bring upon themselves sword, famine and pestilence.

While in the New Testament, we read from John 1-3. John does well to establish from the start of his writing that Jesus (the Word) is God. From there, he went on to explain how the Word became flesh, as well as the ministry of John the Baptist.

Other events like the turning of water into wine and the encounter of Jesus with Zaccheus were also narrated. We also read the popular John 3:16 in this passage.

Finally, in James 2-5, we were taught that everyone should be treated right and with love; to match up our faith with good works; watch our tongue; to be humble and patient, among other things.

And that’s all we read in our Bible reading plan this week, family. Have a beautiful weekend. Catch up with the Bible Reading Plan if you have not.

Bible Reading Plan:
John 4:1-14, James 5:7-12, Ecclesiastes 8, Jeremiah 26-29